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We’re here for whatever your roofing needs are. Whether it's an inspection, maintenance, or even re-roofing entirely, we have a team of professionals ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have. We have worked on both residential and commercial projects and are more than happy to find solutions that work for you.

Here at Hanlon’s, we have decades of experience in the roofing industry. Working on countless projects in the 40 years that we have been open, we have seen a variety of situations and offered a variety of solutions.

Some services that we perform:

Roof inspections

Although you can prepare as much as possible in life, sometimes the unexpected still happens. The same thing can be said about your house, and that's where Hanlon steps in. Here at Hanlon's, we offer roof inspections, and our experts are trained to analyze your roof safely and efficiently, noting any repairs that may need to be completed or any damage that may have occurred.

Roof Maintenance

Not only does Hanlon’s offer inspection to view the condition of a roof, but also services to repair and maintain it. Although severe weather and various results of it can be responsible for roof damage, sometimes roofs simply fall victim to time. That’s why we offer services to repair and maintain your roof so that it continues to work in top condition.


Perhaps your roof has not been damaged or weathered but you're looking to add a fresh new design to your house or bring in some much-needed color. Hanlon's is still here to help. We offer expert services to take a look at your building, listen to your needs for the project, and provide you with high-quality service throughout the process of re-roofing your building.

SureNail Technology by Owens Corning

Excellent Adhesive Power helps keep the shingle layers laminated.

Patented SureNail Technology is the first and only reinforced nailing zone on the face of the shingle.

Outstanding grip with SureNail strip enhances the already amazing grip of our proprietary Tru-Bond sealant for exceptional wind resistance of a 130-mph wind warranty.

A unique "triple layer" of reinforcement occurs when the fabric overlays the two shingle layers, called the common bond area. This provides increased protection against nail pull from the wind.

"No guess" wide nailing zone is tough with an engineered woven-fabric string that is embedded in the shingle to create an easy-to-see, strong, durable fastener zone.

SureNail features up to a 200% wider common bond area in the nailing zone over standard shingles.

The Total Protection Roofing SystemTOTAL PROTECTION ROOFING SYSTEM®



You see a beautiful roof. We see a world of science at work. A system of highly engineered components designed, built and tested to deliver total protection under constantly changing conditions. It's advanced science—for performance and beauty designed to last.

Owens Corning created the Total Protection Roofing System® to make it simple to get everything you need in one complete system.

One System. One Brand. Total Protection.™