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For many, a deck is a space of great opportunity. It gives us flexibility for what we need throughout the changing seasons, as well as a break from the hustle and bustle of the house. With all the time that you might spend there, it should truly be a beautiful space. Hanlon’s offers a variety of decking options to fit your needs. We can provide different types of wood and finishes, as well as be flexible with the build size and location of the deck. Whether you are looking to expand or remodel your existing desk, or you want to create a fresh space, Hanlon’s is here for you.

Looking to expand your home or remodel an old room? Maybe you want to add that extra bathroom or finally turn that basement into the theater room you’ve always dreamed. Hanlon is here to support those dreams and visions. Our team is happy to help with additions to your home to help it be everything you want it to be. We take on commercial and residential projects, and we pride ourselves on providing solutions that exceed clients' needs. Give us a call or request a quote so we can talk about your project.